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Monday, March 24, 2014

100 Word Story #3

Remember to include the picture you chose as inspiration for your story!


Anonymous said...

The Great Sinkhole of Caridin’s County reviewed by Magenta Cockroach
Rumor has it that the biggest sinkhole in the world was created by an iron golem known as Caridin, the pioneer of quakes. Caridin was of course very powerful,scary, and ambitious to conquer the surrounding city-states. The sinkhole is said to be the aftermath of Caridin fighting a war against the corrupt, an equally powerful force of orcs. Although Caridin was outnumbered, he was not defeated. This is so because Caridin managed to defeat the corrupt by using his strength and size to his advantage in this war. Even though he won, he was imprisoned in the sinkhole forever.

Anonymous said...

Sea green Salamander
Time Flies
It was as if everything and everyone had stopped in their tracks. Then I saw it. My body crumpled to the ground by my family’s petrified bodies. I had finally lost it, and this time no amount of gifts and apologies would make up for it. The tears rushed out of me like a raging river. Why me? Why did I have to be this way? When I finally got myself together and decided that I had to figure out a way to undo whatever had happened, I realized that everything around me had changed and I had grown old.

Anonymous said...

Blue Weasel
My name is Samantha and I am homeless. One day I was walking up a hill and there it was on the corner of my eye an old abandoned amusement park called “Cool Zone.” I have always wanted to go on it so I did. I was walking through the amusement park and saw a roller coaster called “Frozen.” I got on the ride and when it was racing its way on the path, it froze, and I was screaming and screaming but then I realized that my screams cannot be heard.