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Friday, March 21, 2014

100 Word Story #2 - Old Car

This old car found by an abandoned farmhouse in upstate New York was the inspiration for the stories posted in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The Car by The Purple Husky

I walked down the dirt road, kicking every rock with my boots, and I saw it. The old,beaten down,rust bucket of a car. I ran towards it, admiring how old it was and where it ended up. The car managed to have a branch running through it. I walked up and saw that the windshield was smashed and there were bullet holes in the side of the car door. The leaves on the ground started to swirl and a brutal storm appeared. I heard a deep voice call my name. It said,
“Run before they get you, too!”

Anonymous said...

Rainbow Unicorn
The Old Truck
Fire suddenly erupted from somewhere deep in the forest. I could see the black smoke rising up slowly from inside the trees. Curiosity took over me. I ran towards the woods with a bucket of water in my hands. The air became warmer. It was thick with smoke; I couldn’t see anything. From a distance, I could pick out an old truck in flames. Curiosity was now screaming at me, so I dove into the fire, receiving burns the whole way. I could pick out a man inside. Dead, I thought, He must be.
Movement came from inside the truck.

Anonymous said...

Blue Beluga
The Tan Car Of Everyone’s Dreams.

I ran up to the clearing, there it was the car of everyone’s dream. I turned around to the crunching of leaves. Im not alone. There he was ,the mean old farmer; walking towards the tan car with an old bag filled with rocks. I panicked and jumped into the car. He didn't see me until he heard the rusty door slam. I know he hated me ,but not enough to hurt me. He was chucking small rocks at the windows shattering them. A rock was coming right at my head, and then I woke up in the tan car.

Anonymous said...

Colorful Kitten
The Car
There once was an old man who loved his car. His car glared bright light at all the lesser cars with its shiny white paint and its matte black tires. As the years went by, the car’s glare got a little duller, its motor, a little less powerful. Eventually, the old man’s car was looked down upon by newer cars. Now his car wasn't the “best”: He abandoned his car on the side of the road for a new car. With all love lost, never to look back as the car turned rusty, with its paint chipping, and tires flat.

Anonymous said...

Colorful Caterpillar
When George turned 16, he go his new ford pickup truck. He wanted to drive it all over town, but he hadn’t gotten his license yet. He had to wait two more weeks. Then, the feelings got to him. He grabbed his keys and snuck out of the house. He creaked the door open with an evil grin. He hit the gas. He was flying down the dirt roads, when out of no where, came a sharp turn. He drove over it and soared in mid air. He crashed into the woods. No one heard of the daring teenager again.

Anonymous said...

The Abandoned Car

1950 a guy named Martin Spitz was found dead in his sleek brand new car. His face was greatly disfigured and there was blood everywhere. His head had smashed through the windshield like it was nothing more than paper. Martin had been driving home from work when suddenly the wheel locked up and with screeching tires, he veered off into the woods. “The panic rushed through me. It felt like something grabbed the wheel!” he said in his last moment of full consciousness. Now the car sits and waits for its new owner to come claim it. Would you? By Sea Green Salamander

Anonymous said...

'The Car of Darkness' written by Violet Kitten

The leaves crunched and broke beneath my feet.
“Shh!” my twin brother, David, whispered with anger. We walk toward the broken down car.
“I dare you to sit in it,” I whispered,
“I ain’t scared,”
“Than go!” he creeped towards the crushed car body, climbed into the seat and shut the rust-covered door. His body disappeared before my eyes. Melting into the darkness.
“David? David, get out! David!” I cried, I reached for the handle, I froze, almost dead, alone. Motionless. Silence. Finally a sound, a movement.
“Jennifer, David!” Silence, nothingness. A dark glove gripped my shoulder, everything went dark.

Anonymous said...

By: Dark Blue Donkey
The Night Ghost
He waited at the end of the street in his blue car. He noticed her finally walking towards him. “What took you so long?” he questioned. “Sorry, I had gotten into a little bit of… trouble,” she calmly stated. “ I would have driven myself,” she continued. The couple went out for an exotic night! It was around midnight when she said “ You can drop me off right where you picked me up.” “Okay?” he replied, curiously. She got out and walked off. He was curious and followed. He stumbled to a yellow crashed car. She was inside, bloody and dead.

Anonymous said...

Neon Green Octopus

Old Car

“Can we go home,” Jenna said with sternness in her voice. Jenna and her brother Matt were out at a party that night because they both got in a fight with their parents. Jenna had started to miss her parents like how a puppy misses its mother due to no time at all with her.Jenna called her mom, whimpering about how she missed her and how she needed them to come pick her up.Her mom and dad soon pulled up the driveway.They got in the car only for Jenna to realize that those were not their parents.