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Friday, March 21, 2014

100 Word Story #2 Cool Zone

This abandoned amusement park inspired some students for their 2nd 100 word story. What would you write after seeing this photo?


Anonymous said...

The Lone Soul
Red Rhino
As Tim walked around the old “Cool Zone”, he wondered what had happened to his former home. He sat down on a curb, and listened to the gentle creaking sound coming from the old swings as they were pushed by the wind.
“I could have stopped the Evil Ones from destroying my home!”, Tim had thought to himself. He was not only mad at the Evil Ones, he was mad at himself. He had left his once happy home after a fight with his mother. The lone caring soul that he had thought he would never see again...

Anonymous said...

Pink Platypus The Tummy Turner

Giselle used to go to Cool Zone every Friday when she was one until she was ten, when Cool Zone shut down due to many deaths. People were falling off Giselle’s favorite ride and there was no clues as to why. The Tummy Turner. Its highest point was 982 feet above ground and then there was a vertical drop. Screams filled the air. The smell of the fried dough and fries from down below. The feel of the wind rushing through her hair. There was a little twist after all the fun. That rollercoaster wasn’t meant for fun, it was meant for death.

Anonymous said...

The Buzzsaw

I crept up to Cool Zone as I checked my watch; 11:30 p.m. I have half an hour, I thought, to ride The Buzzsaw. It was the largest rollercoaster in the park and had been shielded in ash and dirt since the park closed from being too dangerous. The entrance to the coaster was overgrown with bushes and weeds, and just before me, was the console that operated the coaster. I turned the key and the machine roared to life.
From the top of the first hill, I could see the silhouette of something unknown to man: Death.

Anonymous said...

Cool Zone

Cool Zone, a place that used to be full of smiling faces and energy filling the air. But now that has changed. Ever since the tornado came and destroyed everything, it has just been sitting there day after day with nobody to clean it up. Until one night, John Fiddlebottom showed up and busted through the gates. Walking through, he looked around at the disaster, wondering what they were going to do with the place. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye he noticed movement at the ticket booth. He stopped and stared not making one single movement.

Anonymous said...

Katrina Krenzer

The Memory

One cold night Tris was walking and she saw the old water park that her sister and Tris when they were little. Her hands started to shake and she felt like her heart beat was in her throat. When she looked at the waterpark it brings back bad memories. When they were little kids Tris and her sister went down the slide and the screws holding the slide together broke and her sister fell off and hit the ground, its been shut down ever since. As Tris walks around the slide thats still hasn't been fixed she sees the spot where her sister died and says “It should have been me.”

Anonymous said...

Beige Buffalo
Fun Zone Zombies

As I walked up to the entrance that read “Fun Zone”, I heard the gravel pathway crunch underneath my feet. “I wonder what this place was like back in it’s heyday,” Jonathan stated with a hint of curiosity in his voice. “All I know is that when the meteor first hit, this was the place it landed,” I answered. “Hopefully it isn't crawling with the undead,” Jonathan worries. As he hears a faint grunt of a zombie, “Uggggh,” he quickly takes back his worry with a short “Never-mind.” “Well, lets do this and get it over with,” I tell Jonathan.