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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Consequences - a Writing Game!


To play consequences, you’ll need at least three people (the more the better), and a sheet of paper per person. It’s a great game for parties – whether young or old – and would be a good ice-breaker for a writers’ workshop. The game goes like this:
Each player writes down a man’s name – it’s funniest if it’s someone the group knows, maybe a political figure – folds the top of the paper over to hide it, and passes it on.
Everyone writes down “met” and a woman’s name – again, try picking a famous person – folds the paper again, and passes it on.
This time, write “at” or “in” and the place where they met.
Next, write “He said…” and a line of dialogue. (Fold, pass it on…)
Now, write “She said…” and a line of dialogue. (Fold, pass it on…)
Finally, write the consequence, eg. “And they lived happily ever after” – but be more imaginative than that!
Pass the papers on one more time. Everyone unfolds their paper, and then takes turns reading the mini stories that have been created!

Quick question: What do you call words like "First", "Next" and "Finally"?

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